What Should We Do After a Flood?


After Disaster Strikes

After a flood, you are going to need professional help. The most pressing issue is to remove any standing water and get the area dried out as soon as possible. Delay only makes things worse. You need to contact a Water Damage Restoration Contractor immediately to get the cleanup process started as early as possible.  In a flood situation, you will most likely not be the only one needing this service so don’t delay, make the call.

Contacting Your Flood Insurance Carrier

If you have Flood Insurance contact your insurance producer or company as soon as possible after disaster strikes. After a natural disaster, insurance companies may communicate the proper procedures for filing a claim via local newspapers, radio or television. Your water damage restoration contractor can help you gather the details about damage to your property. They will have experience in dealing with insurance adjusters and can help you determine what coverages you have. They will also be an asset for you when processing your claim. If your insurance company does not have representatives on the scene available to help you, call the company directly and ask for the claims department. The company’s contact number should be listed in your policy or can be obtained through the Department of Insurance. Be sure to provide all phone numbers where you may be reached, especially if your home is uninhabitable. Your insurance company will need to contact you.

Flooded Home TX

Remain Calm

To take charge of your situation, it is imperative that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities. Recognize that after disaster strikes you may be emotionally distressed. Being emotional in this type of situation is normal. Have a trusted friend or family member assist you. If your insurance policy has been lost or destroyed in the disaster or if you are confused about the policy benefits or exclusions, ask your insurance producer or company exactly what coverages you have purchased. Request a copy of the policy.

Temporary Repairs

To protect your property from further damage, you should have all necessary temporary repairs made, such as boarding up windows and patching holes in walls or roofs, as soon as possible–even if you have not yet seen the insurance company representative. Again your water damage restoration contractor will be able to assist you with the necessary temporary repairs. Listed below are some tips on making temporary repairs to your property.


Contact Your Insurance Company If You Need Emergency Funding.

If possible, take photographs to show the way things had looked before you began cleaning and making repairs. It is your responsibility to mitigate against the possibility of further damages. You are responsible for contacting your utility providers (i.e. water, gas, electric) to have services discontinued if necessary. Keep all bills and receipts from repairs. Do not dispose of items you believe may be a complete loss until the company representative has examined them. Board up windows and holes in the walls or roof. Cover furnishings with heavy-duty plastic or tarps, or store elsewhere. Be sure to get prior agreement from your insurance adjuster before you contract for repairs. Be cautious when signing repair contracts. Deal with local, reputable contractors.

Thinking Of Replacing Your Old Metal Roof?


When is the Right Time to Replace Your Metal Roof?

Most people who have a metal roof installed on their home are happy about it; around Houston TX many homeowners discover that these items are invaluable. However, even the best-made roof will eventually need repair replacing. Keep an eye out for certain things to know when yours is due for replacement.

Outside Roof Inspection –

From time to time, make a point of surveying the outside condition of your roof – It’s a good idea to take a close look at roof yourself every couple of months, and then to make use of metal roofing contractors who offer an annual free roofing inspection. One of the biggest warning signs of trouble most roofing contractors will warn you to be on the lookout for is the appearance of sagging or an otherwise uneven look to your roof. Step back from your house a good distance and note how the roof is shaped; does it appear to slope where it didn’t before or sag in the middle? If so, it requires immediate attention from a qualified Houston metal roof contractor.

Check Your Gutters

Old Metal RoofThe gutters around your roof may provide valuable information, too. If they overflow with water when it rains despite no presence of a blockage from leaves, etc. – or if water tends to pool near the foundation of your house – then you may have a problem on your hands. Visible damage to the outside of your roof is another obvious cause for concern; although metal roofs are quite durable, they can still incur wear and tear over an extended period – or through extraordinary circumstances. By surveying your roof regularly, you can catch these issues before they become massive – and costly – problems.

Inside Roof Inspection

It is essential to also inspect your roof from inside. The roof cavity (which can be accessed via the attic) is the most obvious place to do this; having a metal roofing contractor check this area out is also wise. Signs of leaks represent a roof that probably compromised. Sagging ceilings and evidence of water damage also indicate that your roof is leaking and it most likely needs to be repaired or replaced soon. Being diligent about checking both the outside the inside of your roof can save you a lot of frustration in the future. Houston roofing contractors receive calls from desperate homeowners who are dealing with a catastrophe due to a broken roof far too often. Taking advantage of a free roofing inspection offered by many metal roofing contractors can save you from unexpected emergencies by ensuring your roof is properly maintained. Neglecting to do so setting yourself up for costly and frustrating emergencies.